Wildfire Information

Thank you for visiting the Evergreen Fire/Rescue Wildfire Information.

If you reside in Evergreen, Colorado, you are living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Wildfires are a natural part of Colorado's environment and living in the WUI means you have an inherently higher risk of wildfire.

Evergreen Fire/Rescue encourages all homeowners to take their relationship and responsibility of living in the WUI seriously. Planning ahead, reducing the risks on your property and preparing for wildfire are actions that residents can take to reduce their risk of wildfire.

For specific information, click on the tabs to the left or from the list below:
  • Current Fire Danger & Restrictions — Find up-to-date information for current fire bans and restrictions per county or for any of our beautiful parks and open spaces.
  • Mitigation News & Events — Learn more about upcoming educational presentations or public outreach and neighborhood events.
  • Homeowner Resources — Access a variety of risk reduction and mitigation resources for homeowners.
  • Community Wildfire Ambassador — If wildfire mitigation is a concern for you, volunteer as part of our community outreach. There is a great fit for everyone.
  • Home Assessments — Schedule a home assessment with one of our Mitigation Specialists to learn more about how you can better protect your home, family and property during a wildfire event.
  • Chipping and Slash — Management of slash is a critical component of effective mitigation. Find up-to-date information about EFR’s Residential Chipping Program, as well as Jefferson County SLASH program.
  • Burn Permits — Pile burning, a type of prescribed fire, is an important tool in helping to protect communities from extreme wildfires. Find burn permit applications for Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties. 
  • Partnerships — Learn more about EFR’s work with our area partners and agencies.
  • CWPP — A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) increases Evergreen Fire/Rescue’s ability to identify wildfire risks and develop a strategic plan to help Evergreen better prepare ahead of a wildfire.

Evergreen Fire/Rescue's Mitigation Program provides guidance, resources and services to help the residents of Evergreen Fire Protection District reduce their risk of wildfire.