Working Together to Reduce Wildfire Risk
Harden Your HomeNot all homes are built the same. The materials, design and construction assembly of a home plays a particularly large role in the home’s likelihood of surviving a wildfire.

Embers are the #1 Threat to Your HomeMost homes do not ignite from direct contact with flames. 90% of homes are destroyed indirectly by wind-borne embers carried ahead of a wildfire.  

Embers can glow as hot as the fire from which they arise, and are light enough to be carried by the wind for long distances without being extinguished. Embers are the primary reason properties go up in flames whenever a wildfire is nearby. Taking necessary measures to prepare your home can help increase its chance of surviving wildfire. Click here to learn what you can do to Harden Your Home.

Fire-Resistant LandscapingDuring a wildfire everything on your property – landscaping, cars and the home itself – has the potential to become fuel for the fire. Fire-resistant landscaping is one step property owners can take to decrease these hazards. Click here to learn more about fire-resistant landscaping.