Community Wildfire Ambassador

Welcome to the Evergreen Wildfire Ambassador's Corner.  Here you will find introductory information around the Evergreen Wildfire Ambassador Program.  More helpful information can be found via the buttons on the left side of this page.

What is the Evergreen Wildfire Ambassador Program?
Partnering directly with Evergreen Fire/Rescue (EFR), the Evergreen Wildfire Ambassador Program is a community-driven program designed to help residents and landowners prepare for wildfire.
The mission of the Evergreen Wildfire Ambassador Program is to help create community-wide wildfire preparedness by fostering neighborhoods that are self-sufficient, engaged, and sustainably adapted to living with wildfire.  This is done through Ambassadors and their teammates who serve as the core of the program.

What is an Ambassador?
Acting as a volunteer liaison between Evergreen Fire/Rescue and the residents, the Ambassadors and their teammates help property owners understand wildfire risks to them and their property, connect them to resources available to reduce that risk and assist in the planning of fire mitigation projects and events.

Connecting with Your Ambassador
Evergreen Wildfire Ambassador team members live in the Plan Units they support and are eager to connect with you. Please click here to identify your Plan Unit and Ambassador and find out how to get involved.

By connecting with your Ambassador team, you can:
  • Discover what simple actions you can take to better protect your home and family from a wildfire.
  • Learn what upcoming neighborhood events are happening to protect the larger community and how to join them.
  • Get connected to Evergreen Fire/Rescue and the services they provide to protect our community.
To learn more about becoming an Ambassador Team member, please email