Evergreen Fire/Rescue
Master Plan

EFR Board Statement Regarding Master Plan
The district board of the Evergreen Fire Protection District concluded that after 20 years
it would be prudent to engage with a professional 3rd party service to perform a
thorough study into our department and devise a master plan. The objective for the
master plan is a deep dive into our organization, our strengths, our weaknesses and to
look 10 plus years down the road, to evaluate and recommend on all aspects of the
organization. Numerous participants from all divisions and staff combined interviewed
and vetted several groups. Based upon past work experience and work product
examples, Matrix Consulting Group was selected. Utilizing a comprehensive process
consisting of a significant amount of data, surveys and interviews with external
community and internal participation input, Matrix provided us with informative
recommendations to be considered.

The district board along with the Chief intend to use this guiding document as part of a
process to determine the direction of the department and how to lead this organization
effectively and sustainably into the future. We will do so with the goal of encapsulating
and achieving our mission statement, vision and values, while working toward what is
financially and practically feasible. We encourage the entire Evergreen Fire/Rescue
Team, both paid and volunteer to:
  • Be constructive and forward looking,
  • Acknowledge the department's weaknesses and look for solutions,
  • Work collectively on continuing to build a department worthy of the community in which we selflessly serve,
  • And, to recognize that we prevail or are defeated as a whole.
We look forward to continuing the process and to future discussions on how to
implement our goals.
EFPD Board of Directors