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Evergreen Fire/Rescue is a proven partner in helping homeowners within their community to better understand the need and the ways to reduce their structure ignition potential in the event of a wildfire. We encourage property owners to take advantage of our free, voluntary home assessments. These home assessments help to educate and prioritize mitigation actions that homeowners can take to reduce the risk of wildfire on their property and to their home.

Home Assessments: FREE
A qualified Evergreen Fire/Rescue Mitigation Specialist will conduct the home assessment with you to provide a report of recommendations to help reduce risk to wildfire. These recommendations will include the vegetation around your home (defensible space) as well as vulnerabilities of your home and structures (home hardening) on your property. Recommendations will be made with the sole purpose of helping you, the homeowner, better understand how you can reduce the risk of wildfire to your home.

Following your EFR Home Assessment, within 24-48 hours, you will receive an easy to use, interactive report customized to your property. Actions in the report are prioritized by risk, with property specific detail which helps to drive resident engagement. 

To sign up for your FREE EFR Home Assessment please follow this link to enter your address and schedule online.

EFR Letter of Defensible Space Completion:  $50
We often get requests from homeowners that need to provide defensible space letters to their insurance companies. EFR is able to provide a fire district letter as well as an inspection form that shows that at the date of inspection, the property had no defensible space recommendations needed. 

The steps necessary to obtain this letter will be to have an EFR Home Assessment completed (sign-up here), follow all defensible space recommendations noted within the EFR Home Assessment report, then schedule with EFR’s Wildland Project Coordinator (mitigation@evergreenfirerescue.com) for a follow-up inspection.  Provided all recommendations have been completed, Evergreen Fire/Rescue can then provide the EFR Letter of Defensible Space Completion to homeowners. There is a $50 fee for this service.