EFR Site Visits

Evergreen Fire/ Rescue offers homeowners two types of Site Visits for learning more about the mitigation work recommended to reduce a homeowner's wildfire risk.

Defensible Space Inspection
A Defensible Space Inspection is an important first step for a resident who wants to learn about what can be done on their property to reduce fire hazard by creating space between potential fuel sources. This is a free service provided by Evergreen Fire/Rescue.

Wildfire Prepared Assessment
Through the Wildfire Prepared Home Assessment Program, local residents can request a thorough evaluation of the external conditions of their home and the surrounding property to determine their susceptibility to wildfire and what actions residents can take to make their home more defensible. There is a $100 fee to have a Wildfire Prepared Home Assessment conducted by Evergreen Fire/Rescue. More information https://www.wildfireprepared.com/

How to sign up for a Defensible Space Inspection or a Wildfire Prepared Home Assessment
The first step is to contact your local CWPIP (Community Wildfire Protection Implementation Plan) Ambassador who will help navigate you through the defensible space and mitigation information and will be able to provide you with pertinent information and resources regarding wildfire safety. From there, your Ambassador will work with you and our Assessment team to schedule a site visit, based on your CWPIP Plan Unit location. This ensures that the site visits are logistically coordinated and completed in a timely manner.

What if you don't know if you are living in a CWPIP Plan Unit? Click here to see a list of the approved CWPIP neighborhoods where you can download your CWPIP. What if you are in a CWPIP Plan Unit but you don't know who your Ambassador is or how to contact them? Please call the EFR Administration number at 303/674-3145 and provide your residential address and we can look up the information for you.

What if you are living in an area that does not have a CWPIP Plan Unit in place? Please call 303/674-3145 for more information.