Current Fire Danger & Restrictions

Today's Fire Danger is HIGH. The Arapahoe National Forest is going into Stage 1 Fire Restrictions today along with Clear Creek,Gilpin and Boulder.  Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is currently sampling fuels today and will make a recommedation to the Sheriff.

High Fire Danger sign

Residents of Evergreen Fire/Rescue are encouraged to remain vigilant as fire danger is always present. Fire restrictions and bans within our fire district and located within Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties are enacted and enforced by the Sheriff’s department, not Evergreen Fire/Rescue. If you suspect or see smoke do not call EFR, Call 911.

For information on campfires or pile burning and click here.

To inquire about current fire restrictions and/or bans please select the applicable county:

JEFFERSON COUNTYStage 1 Fire Restrictions are automatically implemented when the National Weather Service issues a Red Flag Warning for all or part of Jefferson County.
  • Fire restrictions and/or bans click here
  • Red Flag Warning information click here

Click here for information regarding current fire restrictions and/or bans.

Click the link below for information regarding fire pits, camp fires and slash burning on your property.
Campfire Guide
Slash Burning Guidlines

Evergreen Fire Rescue encourages you to continue using due diligence with any live fire. Before you light a campfire of any kind please check to be sure there is not a Fire Restriction or Fire Ban in effect. Campfires shall be called in to the non-emergency JeffCom phone line at 303.980.7300 before you light them and after you extinguish it. Please be sure to fully extinguish your cigarettes, campfires and charcoal grills.

If you plan to recreate in or have questinos about fire restrictions, notice and closures in any of our many beautiful parks or open spaces located in Evergreen, please use the links provded below for current conditions:

Denver Mountain Parks
Bell Park
Corwina Park
Cub Creek Park
Dedisse Park
Fillius Park
O’Fallon Park
Pence Park

Jeffco Open Space
Bear Creek Trail
Alderfer/Three Sisters
Elk Meadow Park
Hiwan Heritage Park and Museum

US Forest Service
Maxwell Falls

Colorado Division of Wildlife
Bergen Peak

Additional resourcesNational Weather Service