Deck & Siding Burn Demo

burn test

Evergreen Fire Rescue hosted a demonstration showing the differences between types of decking and siding under simulated wildfire conditions. All decks are 2ft wide by 2ft high with a siding that was 2ft wide by 5ft high.

From left to right materials used were as follows:
Prop 1: Redwood decking with cedar wood siding 
Prop 2: Common board decking with common board siding (non treated)
Prop 3: Composite decking with no fire rating with fiber cement board siding 
Prop 4: Common board decking with common board siding with the appliance of a commercial coating (unknown fire rating)

All four props had Rocky Mountain juniper placed underneath them with a scattering of pine needles below the decks and on top of the decks. To have a withstained flame exposure on the materials to simulate an ember/embers from a wildfire we built class C and B brands. Construction materials have a class A, B, or C fire rating with A being the best. 

Each prop had to face the threat against two class C brands to start. One placed on top of the deck then one placed underneath the deck.