Community Wildfire
Mitigation Trailer

As part of the EFR Mitigation and Ambassador Programs, EFR has a Community Wildfire Mitigation Trailer to help property owners grab the “low-hanging fruit” of mitigation and improve their defensible space.  We’ve outfitted the 16’ box trailer with tools such as extendable pole saws, 10-inch folding hand saws, loppers, rakes, trash cans, tarps, eye protection, and gloves for activities such as limbing of trees and raking up dead material.

The Community Wildfire Mitigation Trailer is a FREE resource for residents to use as part of a mitigation event coordinated with EFR and your Plan Unit Ambassador Team.  This will include EFR Home Assessments on all participating properties.

To find your Plan Unit Ambassador Team click HERE for more information on reserving the trailer please email