Pay an Ambulance Bill
To pay your ambulance bill online, click here
Pay for a CPR, AED or First Aid Class
  1. Payments can be made over the phone by credit card. Please call 303/679-4747.
  2. Bring a check with you when you attend the class.
  3. Mail or drop off a check to:
Evergreen Fire/Rescue
Administration Office
1802 Bergen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80439

Pay for a Permit, Will Serve Letter Fee or Violation Fee
  1. Call 303/679-4747. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept American Express.
  2. If you prefer to pay by check, please mail the check to the address below. Please make sure to include the address to which the fee is referencing.
Evergreen Fire Rescue
Attn: Accounts Receivable
1802 Bergen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80439