Chief's Corner
You Ask...We Respond

Weege, Mike

We love to hear from the residents of Evergreen Fire Protection District. We get asked about many different things in and around town relating to Evergreen Fire/Rescue, our EMS and Community Paramedic services and most recently around Wildfire Mitigation (click here to read more) and the District’s new fire station that will replace our current Station One in downtown Evergreen.

Our goal always is to be transparent and to provide informative responses to the questions asked. It is in that spirit and in this venue, Chief’s Corner, that we will be providing updates on the progression around the new Station One and will be answering questions in timely intervals.

To read the latest installment of The Future of Station One, please click the link.

So check back here often for the latest news and information from Evergreen Fire/Rescue.

~Chief Mike Weege