Chief's Corner : Commitment to Our Community

Weege, Mike

Our CommitmentPart 1

Evergreen Fire/Rescue has a strong commitment to our community. In fact, it is our mission as an organization to protect life, property, and the environment through prevention, preparedness, education and emergency response. What does that really mean, you ask?

We have a philosophy that the more you, as residents in the Evergreen Fire Protection District, know the better you can be prepared. The more we can provide education about risk reduction on your property and in your home, the more you can identify and reduce your personal risk. The better you are prepared, the better we as a district are prepared. And the emergency response part of our mission? That is what we do every day as firefighters and paramedics serving the community. We hope you never have to call 911 but if you do, we want you to know we are here for your emergency.

Being prepared takes many forms. In the coming weeks we are going to provide opportunities for the community to learn more about how to commit to preparedness and prevention for your safety and that of your family and friends.

What is the first thing you can do? Sign up for Lookout Alert if you live in Jefferson County and for CodeRed if you live in Clear Creek County. These programs provide us and the County Sheriff’s offices a way to send you emergency notifications such as flash flood, active shooter/shelter in place, or fire evacuation messages through a reverse call, text, or email to you from our 911 call center. This is the most efficient way of getting these messages and instructions to you in the event of an emergency. Sign up now!