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In order to receive these notifications you must be registered with CodeRED
  • "CodeRed™" is a telephone emergency notification service sometimes referred to as "reverse 911”
  • The CodeRed system allows emergency dispatchers to deliver public safety messages to targeted areas or the entire county.
  • You may receive a CodeRED call from either Jeffcom Dispatch Center. The 911 system works with all phones that have a TDD line (for the hearing impaired). If you have a telephone zapper used to block out telemarketers, or your phone is blocked to unknown callers, you will not receive 911 calls.

Opt in to CodeRED by clicking on your county's link below
Clear Creek County
Jefferson County

A CodeRED notification recording will let you know it's a message from the Sheriffs Office. CodeRED caller identification should display 'EMERGENCY COMM' and the phone number 866-419-5000 (text messages come from 76993), which you may program into your contacts list.