Public Records Requests

In Compliance with the Colorado Open Records Act it is the policy of Evergreen Fire Rescue to make all records available for public inspection unless such records are protected from disclosure by state or federal statute, by court order, or disclosure of such records would be contrary to the public interest. To ensure that all requests are fulfilled in a timely manner the following steps will be followed:

  • All requests for documents must be received in writing on the Public Records Request form attached below or other written format which contains all the information on the specific form. If the request is not specific regarding what information is requested or the information is incomplete, clarification will be sought before any documents are gathered.
  • If the request is not extraordinary in nature, the documents will be gathered and made available for review by the individual in the District’s administrative offices during regular business hours within three (3) business days. If this time requirement cannot be met (i.e., if the request is extraordinary in nature, such as requiring collection of voluminous materials), a written notice will be given to the requestor detailing the cause of the delay and when the documents are expected to be available.
  • If the individual would like copies of any document, the cost is $0.25 per standard page. If the request is for research or retrieval of a district document the cost is $30 per hour after the first hour or any portion thereof plus the cost of any materials used. The district may require a deposit for the estimated cost of research and retrieval of documents prior to commencing the work. While the District strives to provide documents requested, it is our policy not to create documents that do not exist.
  • Documents related to patient information are subject to HIPAA and may not be released without the consent and signature of the patient.
To submit the Public Records Request
  • Download the Public Records Request Form located on the left side of this page
  • Fill in the information highlighted on the form.
  • Print the form.
  • Sign the form.
  • You may submit the completed request form in one of four ways:
    1. Scan and attach the completed Request Form to an email and send it to
    2. Fax the completed form to 303/674-8701, Attention: Carol
    3. Mail the completed form to:     
      • Evergreen Fire Rescue
      • Attn: Carol
      • 1802 Bergen Parkway
      • Evergreen CO 80439
    4. Bring the form to the Administration Office between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.
For any additional questions please contact us at 303/674-3145.