Will Serve Letters

Current Status on Plan Reviews, Inspections, and Will Serve Letters

Holiday Schedule Impacts for Plan Reviews, Inspections and Will Serve Letters
Due to limited Fire Prevention Division staff availability beginning Thursday December 21 st and
continuing through Monday January 1st, 2024,
there be no inspections scheduled during these dates.

We will also not be able to complete plan reviews or provide will-serve letters during this time.
Contractors and installers are encouraged to schedule and complete inspections that will be
needed to maintain their project timelines prior to December 21st. Please allow a minimum of
two-business days to request and schedule inspections.
Turn-around times for plan reviews and will-serve letters will likely be prolonged for any
submittals/requests received after December 15th. Please plan accordingly.

There is a $50 fee for Will Serve letters and $175 fee for Driveway/On-Site Access letters.

Will Serve Letter Request Form

To request a Will Serve Letter for insurance or for the county permit process, please complete and submit the web form below.


Payment is collected upon completion of the requested letter and/or review. The fee is noted above. To view our current fee schedule please click the download link "Permit Fees and Fines Schedule" to the left. Will Serve Letters have approximately a 3 business day turnaround time and letters with reviews have approximately a 7 business day turnaround time.