Will Serve Letters

Current Status on Plan Reviews, Inspections and Will Serve Letters
We are currently seeking a Fire Marshal to join our team and are in the process of contracting for this work within the next few weeks. Please be patient with us as we are experiencing a a high volume of requests at this time.
The current turnaround time for plan reviews, inspections and will serve letters are requiring a longer time than normal. 

Will Serve Letter Request Form

To request a Will Serve Letter for insurance or for the county permit process, please complete and submit the web form below.


Payment is collected upon completion of the requested letter and/or review. The fee for a will serve letter is $50.00. To view our current fee schedule please click the download link "Permit Fees and Fines Schedule" to the left. Will Serve Letters have approximately a 3 business day turnaround time and letters with reviews have approximately a 7 business day turnaround time.