EMR Cadet Program

Emergency Medical Responder introduces individuals into the field of emergency medicine. This course is not a prerequisite for EMT-Basic but provides a tremendous foundation for those interested in the medical profession. The course content includes, but is not limited to, introduction into EMS, basic airway management, patient assessment, basic illnesses and injuries, pediatrics, and basic EMS operations. Students will be able to perform the following skills during lab practices:
  • Scene size-up
  • Airway management, including oxygen administration and use of a bag-valve mask
  • Patient assessments, including initial and a focused history for medical and trauma patients
  • Basic recognition and care for medical and trauma emergencies
  • AHA BLS Healthcare Provider CPR
  • Basic ambulance operations

This course allows students (high school age sophomore to senior) to obtain Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and the Colorado Division of Public Health & Environment. A course average of an 80% must be met including an 80% on the final written exam. The advantage of obtaining the EMR certification, is that it affords you an opportunity of becoming a volunteer firefighter or medical responder with various fire and rescue agencies. It also provides a fantastic introduction for those interested in taking an EMT-Basic course or pursuing a career in medicine.

Attendance Policy: We have a strict attendance policy in accordance with Colorado Division of Public Health and Environment and the DOT standards in which students are not allowed to miss more than 6 hours of class. Students missing more than the allotted time will be not allowed to continue regardless of the circumstance, and will be immediately withdrawn from the class. It’s very important for students to understand this unconditional requirement prior to enrolling.

Interested Jefferson County and Clear Creek County high school students may apply to join the Cadet Emergency Medical Responder program. The program features an intensive training in medical response that can be beneficial to high school students considering pursuing a career in the fire, EMS service, or other medical fields. The course is free for all high school students. The deadline for application to the next Cadet class is April 23, 2024. The Cadet class will begin June 8, 2024. Completed applications and Program Permission/Waiver may be submitted to Dave Montesi, EMS Chief at 1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, CO or via email to dmontesi@evergreenfirerescue.com